‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

This home build would be for Kelvin (husband) and Keyla (wife). Kelvin works as a motor taxi. They have 4 children. The kids are Kelmi (10 yrs),  Kelvin (8 yrs), Kendi (3 Yrs), Kendri (1 yr). This home was in very bad conditions and appeared to have mold around the bottom of the home. This would be a tear down and rebuild. This home was close to Crillio and Seneida's home.

Alejandro and Mariano Home

Los Anones Homes

Juan and Mertina Home

This home build would be for Emeralda and Eulises and their three children pictured here. The roof of this home is starting to rot and is not safe for the family. This is the only land that the family owns so this would be a tear down and rebuild. Pictured here is Esmeralda, Escarlet - 6 year old, Solinar - 3 year old, and Eurise - 6 month old boy. Eulises works as a day laborer and was working when we visited the family. 

Manuel and Jenny live in the home pictured here with Manuel's parents (Mom Santa and Dad Crusito). Crusito is currently blind. This home build would be on the land pictured here owned by the family and would be a new home build for Manuel, Jenny, and their daughter Evaline. Jenny is also pregnant with their second child. 

Olga and Lidia Home

Manuel and Jenny Home

Juan and Mertina currently live in the home pictured here. They live in this home with their 4 children. (3 boys Martin (20), Gabriel (17), Pelon (15) and 1 girl Gessel (16)). Currently Juan does not work cause he hurt his back. Pictured here is Mertina in front of the home.  Because this home is in such bad condition, this would be a complete tear down and rebuild on the same land. 

Adelaida and Preferido Home

Keyla and Kelvin Home

Esmaralsda and Euless Home

Boca De Dos Rios (The mouth of two rivers)

This home build would be for Cirillo (husband) and Seneida (wife). Seneida works in Santo Domingo as a maid. They had 7 children and 2 grandchildren living in this home. Marleni is the oldest and struggles with a disability. Willy is 23 and he sells fruit in the city, Franklin (21 yrs), Mariela (20 yrs) Mariel (19 yrs),  Saomi (17 yrs), Daileni (7 yrs) and two kids that are belong to Mariela (Yusmari - 4 yrs and Fernelli 1 yr). This home was very close to the road so we would an alternate site to build on to get this family into a new home. 

Sibling Home

This home is currently lived in by 4 siblings. Their father passed away and their mom left the area and remarried and left all four siblings at this home. Currently living in the home is Hanson (20 year old boy pictured here), Lydia (18 year old girl pictured here with her 1 year old son Leandi), Janelise (15 year old girl), and Mariela (8 year old girl). Because this is the only land that the siblings own this would be a complete tear down and rebuild. 

Cirillo and Seneida Home

Pedro, pictured here, is a community leader in La Llanada and used to be a pastor at a local church. He currently lives with his father, Papito and his nephew, Richard, and neice, Laissa. Pedro has a son named Kevin Manuel who is 15 and this project would be to build Pedro and Kevin a home of their own on the land pictured here. 

This home build would be for Adelaido (Wife) and Preferido (Husband). Currently Preferido works as an agriculturist. The couple has 5 kids living in the home pictured here. They currently live at the top of the hill and are working to build an new home so that the girls and boys have seperate rooms.  They had a start of a build and a tree fell on the home. The children are Gabriel (19yrs), Maria (14yrs), Salvani (13yrs), Mirio (8 yrs), and Jose (12yrs). They would need to find land closer to the road in order to build a new home. 

Papito, the husband, and Olga Lidia, the wife, currently live in the home pictured here. Their are many structural problems with this home and the roof has many holes in it. Papito currently works in agriculture and Olga Lidia cleans homes. They have 3 kids (2 boys - Antony and Allian and 1 girl - Oriani) that live with them in this home. Because this home is in such bad condition, this would be a complete tear down and rebuild on the same land. The family was not home when we stopped to visit. 


Alejandro was raised by the lady pictured here named Isabella. Also pictured here is Isabellas birth son (step brother of Alejandro). Alejandro and his wife currently have two girls (Alejandra - 3 months and Dinaire - 1 year).They are currently living in the one bedroom pictured here. When we stopped to visit the family was not around. Alejandro works as a brick layer and Mariano commutes into San Cristobal to work as a hair dresser. This would be a new home build to get the family into their own home close by Issabellas. 


Pedro Home

Highest Priority Needs in San Cristobal Area

During a trip to San Cristobal we spent a great deal of time in the community and Pastor Juan.  Seeing first hand the needs of this area was not easy, but necessary. Pastor Juan helped to identify the families with the greatest need and those he felt needed new housing. Their are many needs in this community but Pastor Juan and the local community leadership felt that getting families into safe housing is the greatest need at this time.