Building Without Borders

Cooks and caretakers of the volunteer center. 

Giving the home owner some new blankets made by youth from church.

Our leader for World Servants Dominican Republic Daniel Ne

Back of the truck selfie. 

November 2016 Team 

Doug and his new buddy. 

Jadee and Kristie with Alexander and Ericsson. 

Jadee and Manuel who received the very first BwithoutB home. 

Dan with one of the community members about to receive a new home. 

Jadee, Saxon, and Lidia in front of a home build.

Willie our resident logistics expert. 

Playing with the kids that live at the center. (Benjamin, Ericson, and Arnel)

Kids were amazed by the new tools.

Doug, Nick and Jadee in the back of a Diatsu.

Pictures of Past Trips

New tools purchased by Grand Rapids E-Free Church. 

The Girls 

Bus ride to the airport. 

Doug, Nick and Jadee in the back of a Diahatsu.

Bus ride to the airport. 


Jadee and Kristie with the pastor of Los Anones - Luisa

Pastor Juan, Jadee, Lisa, Kristie, and Dave

Selfie with some new friends. 

Families that received new homes came to dinner at the center. 

Jadee and Daniel Ne (Director of World Servants DR)


Pastor Juan....leader of the San Cristobal community. 


Jadee and Ligia with the first family we built a home for. 

Construction about to begin. 

Building Without Borders leadership with Pastor Juan. 

Videos of Past Trips

Saxon and Jadee with the cuties little girl in the DR

Bus ride to the airport. 

Mattresses that were given to all the families who received homes in 2016. 

Aaron with Alexander, Arnel, and Erickson

Jadee and Kristie with a family who received a home in April 

Jadee and Kristie with our friend Rueben 

Kids Club 

Eating dinner at the center where the volunteers stay.

Giving school supplies to the teachers.

Jadee and Ligia in the DR

Bus ride to the airport.