Building Without Borders

Juan Manuel and Rosanna with the work crew in front of their new home. 

​​Liviu and Adriana Rus 

​Matt and Jolie Stellmacher

MN Farm Mutual

Alvin and Jodie Pederson

​Gary and Virginia Larson

​Mr and Mrs. Mickelson

Mr and Mrs Andersen

​Kyle and Janet Lindstrom

​Robert and Karen Riopelle

​Bryan and Vicki Severson

​Flugum Insurance Agency

​Delores Johnson

​Scott Rocholl

​Jennifer Glesne

​Chris and Vicky Grove

​Mr and Mrs Beckman


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

To the group below for supporting us with monetary donations that were given 100% to support building this home......Thank You....Your gift to improve the life of this family will not be forgotten!​

Juan Manuel and Rosanna in front of the old home. 

Putting siding on the new walls. 

Framing the walls. 

Prayer time before the work day begins. 

Taking a break to play some games.

Taking a day off to teach kids club at the local school.

The back of the old home.We walked through this home in April 2016 and at that time it was very unsafe to be inside. 

The work crew in front of the finished home.

House 16 - (Nehamaih)

​Juan Manuel and Rosanna

Taking a day off to teach kids club at the local school.

Nancy Monke 

​​Sandra Gamber

PW Beckman

Mryna Martinson

Irene Lundby

Aaron and Breck Grove

Ronald and Virginia Grove

Ryan and Heidi Retzlaff

​Daniel and Nancy Nelson

​Katrina Wass

Susan Jensen

​Kevin Johanson

​Cassia Bardal

​Kelli Ellenbaum

​Heather and Tyler Akerman

​Stacy and Timothy Hammes

Built November 2016

This home build was for Juan Manuel and Rosanna. They live in the home pictured here. We had a chance to walk through their old home in April and it was very unsafe. There was one small tree log that was holding up the roof, the floors were not cemented, and the walls and ceiling had many holes.  They live with their two sons (Antonio-20 and Angel Luis-4). Juan Manuel works as an agriculturist. They own the land pictured here and this home was in such bad condition that their old home was torn down to make this new SAFE home for their family.

Walls are up and roof is getting ready.  

Flugum Insurance Agency

​Curtis and Lavonne Lundeen

Matthew and Crystal Hoekstr

Ronald Shebeck

​Paul and Heidi Hoff

Karen Verhelst

Michelle and Keith Pearson

​Shauna Heggem 

Aimee Grove

Julie Swanson

​Casey Lindstrom

Bricker and Jan John

Debora Liden

​Ronald and Kim Burd

​Verna and Bruce Leitch

​Joanna and Matthew Bugbee

Getting boards ready for the new home.