‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

Norma's Old Home

Norma and Her Family's New Home

Built March 2016

House 9 - (1 Samuel)

Norma and Family

Norma and her family in front of a partial build of the new home. 

Grand Rapids

Evangelical Free Church 

This home was built for the lady pictured here named Norma. Norma lives with her dad (Krifin) also in the picture and her 4 kids (Anthony - 10, Maria Alissabe - 7, Jamie - 3, and Jefler - 9 months). They all live in the house you see in the picture with a few additional cousin. Not to long ago Norma's husband "Jorge Marcos" was working construction, fell, and hurt himself. He got an infection and didn't have money to stay at the hospital to treat the infection. His condition worsened and he passed away. This house build was completed for Norma and her kids and was built close to her dad, Krifin.

Doug Hanson in front of the old house while he was there in March to build the family a new home.


We want to thank Evangelical Free Church of Grand Rapids for their amazing partnership and support of this home build.