Building Without Borders

This home was built for a lady named Aleida who is also known as Cuca. She claims that she is known as being crazy in the community but she is a "happy crazy". There are 5 people that live in this home. Cuca, her mother (Victoria) and 3 children. The children are Jose (25 yrs), Francesca (9 yrs), and Kenny (2 yrs). The oldest son works as an agriculturist in the area. The home was in very bad conditions and the porch roof was being held up by only two small pieces of re-barb. 

Cuca and Her Family 

Built March 2018

Old Home.

We want to thank E Free Church of Grand Rapids for their partnership in volunteering and sponsoring these home builds. 

House 33 - (Micah)

Aleida aka "Cuca" Home