‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders


We want to thank all those listed below that helped to provide funds to build a new home for this family. Thank you for your support and for helping to change this families life!

Built January 2016

Martiza with 3 of her children in front of their old house

The family in front of their new home!

Martina with her 4 kids as the area for their new house is being cleared and formed.  

  • Ligia Forgaciu
  • Sarah and Greg Gagliardi
  • Barb Hanson
  • The Hanson Group
  • Paul Hunter
  • Pat Kroscha

House 7 - Judges

Melvin and Martiza

  • Laura and Gabriel Ardelean
  • Brenda and Kevin Bjerke
  • Ginger and Matt Buffington
  • Lidia and Dorin Constantin
  • Lisa and Evan Domeyer
  • Dana Forgaciu

House 7 was built for Melvin and Martiza along with their 4 kids (with a fifth on the way when the house was built).  The house the six of them had been living in was shared by 4 others as well...Mom, dad, and two cousins.  While the house they were living in was in better condition than most, they needed a new home just for their family since they no longer fit in their parent's home.  The new home was built right next to their mom and dad's.

  • Matt and Dana Marsh
  • Brian Neilson
  • Tammy and Jon Norlin
  • Marcel Pusta
  • Basil Rayis
  • Terry and Jerry Rosenquist

Outside of the old home.

Back side of the old home. 

Cooking area in the old house