‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

House 5 was built for a couple named Jivaro and Anna.  They have two kids, both girls.  Alanel was 4 years old when the house was built and Yafrez was 10 months.  When we went to visit the family Jivaro was working in the area, chopping trees down to make money.  Their new home was built close to where they were living before.

A smiling Alanel


We want to thank all those listed below that helped to provide funds to build a new home for this family. Thank you for your support and for helping to change this families life!

Anna with the 2 girls (Alanel & Yafrez)

This was where the family was living before

House 5 - Deuteronomy

Jivaro and Anna

  • Laura and Gabriel Ardelean
  • Brenda and Kevin Bjerke
  • Ginger and Matt Buffington
  • Lidia and Dorin Constantin
  • Lisa and Evan Domeyer
  • Dana Forgaciu
  • Ligia Forgaciu
  • Sarah and Greg Gagliardi
  • Barb Hanson
  • The Hanson Group
  • Paul Hunter
  • Pat Kroscha

Built January 2016

Entry into the old home

Inside of the old home.

  • Matt and Dana Marsh
  • Brian Neilson
  • Tammy and Jon Norlin
  • Marcel Pusta
  • Basil Rayis
  • Terry and Jerry Rosenquist

The family standing in front of where their house will be

The family in front of their new home!