‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

View from hill next to new home.

Back side of the old home. 

Starting the foundation of the new home.

Victor with his youngest daughter Baili

Inside of the old home.

Built October 2015

Girls of the family (Baili and Mariani)

House 4 was for a young couple named Victor and Siodani. This sweet couple has two young girls. A 1 year old named Baili and a 2 year old named Maraini. When we first visited them in April 2015 they were living in the same home with Altagrassa and Alexander and they had split the home in the middle. As you can see from the pictures, this home was very unsafe and the roof leaked water into the home each time it rained. Siodani was gone when we visited in April as she was looking for medical help for Baili who was very sick at the time. We worked with the local pastor to find them land close to Siodani's mother and were able to start construction on their new home early October. We had a team of 13 people who flew down to San Cristobal the end of October 2015 to finish the home. We are happy to report that the family moved in October 19th 2015. This made such an impact for this family and they are so grateful for this change in their lives. 

  • Ben and Stacy Selness
  • Jadee and Nick Hanson
  • Sonny Hernandez
  • Lidia and Dorin Constantine


We want to thank all those listed below that helped to provide funds to build a new home for Alexander and Victor's family. Thank you for your support and for helping to change this families life!

Siding and roof complete.

  • Jodie and John Kautt
  • Kent and Laurie Cocking
  • Steve Hendricks
  • Jeffery Alex

Praying with the family before the work day begins.

Showing the girls some selfies. 

Inside of new home.

Old home. Victor's family lived on the side of the home with the open door. 

Minnesota team with Victor and his family in front of the completed home. 

House 4 - Numbers

Victor and Siodani

Victor and his wife Siodani and kids Baili and Mariani

Finishing the siding. 

  • Ligia Forgaciu
  • Kristie and Aaron Cocking
  • Alin Forgaciu
  • Jack Flaig
  • Gabriel and Laura Ardelean

Backside of new home.

Sweet little Baili