Building Without Borders

Crilleda and Rayno and Kiddos

House 37 - (Haggai)

Crilleda and Rayno Home

We want to thank TPAC for their support to provide this home. 

The family will be forever grateful.

This home was built for Reyno (husband) and Crilleda (wife). They live in this home with 6 chidlren and Reyno's father. The childrens ages are Crismelli (16 yrs), Vanessa (11 yrs), Albairis (8 yrs), Samuel (10 yrs), Wellington (6 yrs), and Diana (2 yrs).  They used to have two unsafe structure set up for the family to sleep in.

Old Home.

The family at the center with the crew that helped build their home.

Built April 2018