Building Without Borders

Jadee and our foreman Silvio. 


We want to thank Lord of Life Church for their partnership in volunteering and sponsoring these home builds. 

The team with Victor and Keyla in front of the new home. 

Daniel and Anastin at the job site

Papa Doug, Jadee, and Anastin 

House 29 - (Joel)

Victor and Keyla

Front of the home

The girls of the family. 

Mateo cutting wood with Piple

Built October 2017


The family in front of the finished home. 

This home build was be for Victor and Keyla. They live very close to the center in which our volunteers stay. They have 3 children (2 boys and a little girl). The house they lived in was very small and only had one bedroom (one bed for everybody and some of them have to sleep on the floor next the bed on a piece of foam. This home build was to get them into a new home with three bedrooms. 

Start of the walls. 

Keyla and Victor in front of their old home. 

Keyla and her daughter.