Building Without Borders

Mixing cement.

Putting the walls up.

Lismelli and Mom

Miguel Angel and Dominga used to live with Miguel parents (Pichi and Carmen) in the home pictured below. Miguel currently works by selling produce for animals within a store and they have one daughter (Lismeili) that is 1year old. This project was to get the family into their own home next to Miguel parents.

House 27 - (Daniel)

Miguel Angel and Dominga

Making the wall boards.


Bringing the new beds into the home. 

Praying before the day begins. 

Start of the new home. 

Miguel and Dominga at the family dinner.

Framing the new home.

Built October 2017

Land that the home was built on. 

We want to thank Lord of Life Church for their partnership in volunteering and sponsoring these home builds.

The team with Miguel and Dominga in front of the finished home.