Building Without Borders

Start of the walls. 


  • Matt and Leah Stellmacher
  • Doug and Nancy Hanson 

The girls of the family. 


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time working on this house and showing God's love to the people in the Dominican. 

Also, we want to thank the donors below who helped support this home.

Jadee and our foreman Silvio. 

Papa Doug, Jadee, and Anastin 

Daniel and Anastin at the job site

The family in front of the finished home. 

House 26 - (Ezekiel)

Carlos Juan and Santo

Front of the home

Juan Carlos currently works selling fruit in Santo Domingo from his motorcycle. He is married to Santa and they have two girls. Eneili (2 Year) and Eneli (1 Year). They live in the home you see here but they are only borrowing it as they do not have enough money to purchase their own home. The new home was built next to the one they were renting. This was a special house build as I (Jadee) got to help with this home build and got to help build it with my daughter and my father-in-law. 

Built August 2017

The team with Carlos Juan and Santa in front of their new home. 

Santa and the girls in the home they are renting

This is the land that the new home was built on. 

Mateo cutting wood with Piple