Building Without Borders

Juldequis and Francis

  • Matthew Palmer
  • Adam Neuger
  • Jennifer Sanders
  • Carrie Niezgocki
  • Melissa Toavas
  • Nicole Beuthien
  • Jeffery Lynch
  • Daniel Madsen
  • Linda June Toavs
  • Joel and Kimberly Engstrom
  • Shirley Peterson 
  • Steve and Vickie Hendrickson
  • Nancy Simmon
  • Hope Fellowship of Ramsey
  • Donald and Wendy Johnson
  • Bethany Lutheran
  • Barb Hanson 
  • Liviu and Adriana Rus 
  • Tammy and Jon Norlin
  • Shane and Natalie Cocking


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

Also, we want to thank our amazing donors listed below. 100% of your donation went to supporting these home builds. 

Francisco (husband) and Juldequis (Wife) were currently living with 5 people in a small home. They lived with Juldequis elder mother and their two younger sons in a very small home. This build was a complete new build on a open piece of land that belongs to the family. The older mother remains in the old home and Juldelquis and Francisco moved to the new home with their two boys (Francis - 2 years old and Filene - 1 year old). 

Putting on the siding. 

Matching hammers. :)

The team with Francisco and Juldequis in front of their new home. 

Bible teaching at the local school


Bringing in the new beds 

They each found a friend

House 24 - (Jeremiah)

Franciso and Juldequis Home

  • Lindsey Niezgocki
  • ​Kristin Neperud
  • TPAC Underwritters Inc 
  • Amanda Dragos
  • M and K Allen 
  • Melissa Malinowski
  • Sarah Dinga
  • Corinne Skellenger
  • The Freidlund Family - Recocable Living
  • Joy Johnson
  • Pearl Lubberger
  • Linda Elliott
  • Karissa Kohn
  • Patrick Furlong
  • Mindy and Matt Flaig
  • Dorholt Tile and Home Center
  • Nancy Meyer
  • Nicole Denker
  • Alan and David Denno
  • Kristie and Aaron Cocking

Bubbles are amazing.

Working hard. 

The small old home where the entire family lives now.

Wow...these tools beat the knife we used last time.

Built May 2017