Building Without Borders

Standing by the table and chairs the team made.

The team with Iris and her daughters in front of their new home. 

Hauling in the new beds. 

House 21 - (Ecclesiastes)

Iris Coronado and Daughters

Cement assembly line.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Moving cement up the hill

The start of the new home. 


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

Also, we want to thank Grand Rapdis E Free Church, their members, and their leadership for their support and donations for this home. 

Built March 2017

Putting on the siding. 

This home was built for Iris Coronado and her 3 daughters. This was a unplanned build and we were asked by the pastor of the area to help with this home. Iris was separated from her husband and had to start living with her mother. Her, her mother and all 3 girls lived in a home with two small bedrooms The home was very crowded. Iris works as a housemaid in Santa Domingo on weekends. Her daughters are attending at school. Erika is 17 years old. She is 11th grade. Karina is 13 years old. She is in 9th grade. A new house was a new beginning for this family in many ways. 

Taking a day off to teach at the local school.

Bringing in the new beds 

Bible teaching at the local school

Iris and her daughters