Building Without Borders

This home was built for Marino Martinez and Juana. Marino, the husband, and Juana, the wife, currently live with their 5 children. Marino works as a motor taxi driver and Juana is a house maid. They have four boys (Jason-18, Manuel-17, Darlin-15, Darifel-14) and one girl (Brendalissa-11). The old home was a one bedroom home. The roof was in very bad shape and has boards strung up to catch some of the water that comes through when it rains. This home was torn down and rebuilt into a 3 bedroom home. 

House 20 - (Proverbs)

Marino Martinez and Juana

The start of the new home.


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

Also, we want to thank Grand Rapdis E Free Church, their members, and their leadership for their support and donations for this home. 

Taking a break to play some games.

Manuel in front of the old home. 

Built March 2017

Team work.

Start of the walls. 

The start of the walls.

Prayer time before the work day begins. 

The old home. 

The boys in front of the old home.

The volunteer team with the family in front of the finished home.

Using our new tools. 

Start of the walls.