Building Without Borders

Built July 2015

The completed house with the help of Building Without Borders, World Servants, local volunteers, and the US crew.

The US and DR crew working together. ​

The US crew.

The local volunteers.

The old house.

Alvidio and Felipa 


 This house build was made possible via donation from Data Security Consultants. ​Thank You!

House 2 was built for Alvidio and Felipa de Heva. They lived in a very small and unsafe home. There was a worn out rope holding up one portion of the roof of the home. Each time it rained the home got very muddy and portion of the home was washed out already from the rain. They have two older sons named Antonio and Christian and one older daughter named Daniella.

House 2 - Exodus

Alvidio and Felipa