Building Without Borders

This home was built for Martin Valentin and Yakauri Bautista Martin. They live with their  3 girls (Mariali-10, Marieli-6, and Mariarini-3). Martin currently works as a motor taxi driver. When we visited with Martin, the dad, told us that they only know how to make boys! He was wrong...they just had a baby boy in April. 

The old home. 

Martin and Yakauri just before their son was born.


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

Also, we want to thank Grand Rapdis E Free Church, their members, and their leadership for their support and donations for this home. 

Front of the house is complete. 

Martin in front of the old home.

Taking a break to play some games.

Driving to the job site. 

Sawing boards for the siding

Keeping the tools dry.

The family with the volunteer group in front of the new home. With the new baby!

House 19 - (Psalms)

Martin Valentin and Yakauri Bautista

Taking a day off to teach kids club at the local school.

The start of the new home. 

Built March 2017

Framing going up.