Building Without Borders

Mixing cement...its one of the hardest jobs!

Old home with only 1 bedroom. 

LeVahn Brothers - Plymouth, MN 

House 17 and House 18 

The New Home! 

House 18 - (Job)

Juan Divison and Petronilla

Installing the windows. 

Built March 2017

Juan and Petronila's daughter


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

To the group below for supporting us with monetary donations that were given 100% to support building this home......Thank You....Your gift to improve the life of this family will not be forgotten!​

Working on the framing.

The family in front of the new home. 

Eating dinner with the families.

A new bed.

Getting the walls up.

 Juan Divison and Petronila live with their one son (Merke) and three daughters (Melli, During (pictured here), and Ashley). Juan David currently works as a motor taxi driver and Petro Nilla is a house maid. This new home allowed the family to have separate bedrooms and not have 6 people sleeping in one bed. 

The final touches. 

Maple Ridge Church - Maple Grove, MN