Building Without Borders

Finished Toys

The crew ready to start work. 

Madeline and her grandma Juliana In front of their previous home

A little kid time. 

Built March 2017

The guys group. 

This home was built for Pedro and Nery. Pedro currently works as an agriculturist and is married to Nery. They have three children Madeline (17), Gregory (18), and Lugo (8). This home allowed the family to come together again and live under one roof. 

The girls.

Maple Ridge Church - Maple Grove​, MN

LeVahn Brothers - Plymouth, MN 

The family in front of the new home.


We want to thank the volunteer group who spent time organizing and leading this trip. 

To the group below for supporting us with monetary donations that were given 100% to support building this home......Thank You....Your gift to improve the life of this family will not be forgotten!​

Picture of the old home. 

House 17 - (Esther)

Pedro and Nery Family

Pedro and Nery's New Home

Bringing in the new beds.

Making a toy on the job site. 

Working on the framing.