Building Without Borders

House 15 - (Ezra)

Andrea and Eusebio

Group effort on the siding. 

Andrea and Eusebio in front of the old home. 

The boys complete the window framing. 

Cross of Glory work crew finishing the framing.

Built March 2016

This home build was for Andrea and Eusebio. They have been living in Manomatuey their whole their life. Andrea is 65 years old and Eusebio is 83 years old. They are not working anymore. They have 7 children whom support them with their needs. They have 23 grandchildren!!! 5 of their children live nearby, so they spent a lot time with her grandchildren. The grandchildren spend many days/nights at their grandparents home. The house they use to live in for the past 10 years had no doors, windows, or floor. The team was so happy to hear of a team from America helping to provide funds and help them build a new home. As they finished the new home, the team prayed with Andrea, Eusebio and their family and Andrea broke down in tears she was so moved by what everyone has done for her. 

Everyone helps passing buckets of cement for the sidewalk around the house. 

The back of the old home. Dirt floors cause health issues when it rains in the area and the inside of the home gets muddy. 


We want to thank the donors below for their partnership and support of this home and our ministry. 

Cross of Glory Church - For monetary donation and for taking the time to travel to the DR to help with the construction of this home. Thank you!

To the group below for supporting us with monetary donations that were given 100% to support building this home. Thank You!

​Phil Drobnick

Kristin and Nathan Labansky

Tammy and Jon Norlin

​Janelle and Todd Taylor

Doug Hum

​Liviu and Adriana Rus 

Working with Silvio on the siding. 

Andrea and Eusebio with the work crew in front of their new home. 

Using the new tools!