‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

This home build was for Francisco and Julia and their family. Julia and some of the kids attend a small house church nearby. House churches are fairly common for the area since transportation is difficult. Francisco works in the city of San Cristobal.  He buys food in the market and loads in onto a wheel barrel and sells the food on the street. Julia stays home and takes care of the children. They moved to this area from Santo Domingo in the year 2000 because their family was growing and they needed more room. Francisco's family is from here and his father gave them the land they live on today. They have six children (Kelvin (son), age 24, Crismely (daughter), age 21, Elizabet (daughter), age 19, Melvin (son), age 17 - works in santo domingo delivering food and sleeps in the store when he's there, Welintong (son), age 14,  and Werinson (son), age 10. Their prayer requests include the overall health of their family and for God's blessings.

Built April 2016

KTIS and Wold Servants volunteers working on the home. 

Neighbor girls watching the house being built. 

Bedroom of the old home. 

House 14 - (2 Chronicles)

Francisco and Julia 


We want to thank The Button Group for their generous donation to support this home build. 

Amy teaching the kids some English words. 

Jadee and Kristie with Francisco and Julia and their family in front of their new home. 

Julia with her children in front of the old home.