‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

Built April 2016

Alberto and Nancy and their family in front of their new home. 

House 13 - (1 Chronicles)

Alberto and Nancy

Building doors at the new home. 

Inside of the new home. 

This home build was for Alberto and his wife, Nancy, who are members of the Pastor Juan's church. They have a one boy and two girls: Ronny, 11 years old - 7th grade; Emely, 9 years old - 4th grade, and Esmirna, 4 years old. Alberto works as a public transportation driver (the small pickup trucks you see in the community) and Nancy is studying Education at the university. They were renting a home but owned the land in which we built this new home. They are now able to use the money that went to rent to help pay for Nancy's education. They are asking for spiritual strength to continue serve God everyday.

Alberto with the volunteer group in front of the new home. 


We want to thank New Brighton Christian Church for their amazing partnership and support of this home build.  

Jadee and Kristie with the full family. 

The volunteer group from KTIS working on the new home.