‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

Carlos Juan in front of the new build.

House 12 - (2 Kings)

Carlos Juan and Stephanie

Front view of the new home. 

Built April 2016

Stephanie and Jadee in front of the land where the home was built.

Stephanie and Jadee inside the new home. 

The start of the new home.

This home was for a special young couple named Stephanie and Carlos Juan. This couple has a very special place in my heart. Carlos Juan is Pastor Juan's son and Stephanie is the oldest daughter of the family we built the very first house for. The have been living in a very small bedroom in Pastor Juan's home and have been for the last 3 years. They are the sweetest people. Stephanie is only 17 and Carlos is 22. They are going to be married as soon as Stephanie turns 18 in August and Building Without Borders built them this home as their wedding present. 

Carlos Juan and Stephanie in front of the finished home.

Jason taking a rest inside the new home. 

The team putting the final touches on the home. 


We want to thank New Brighton Christian Church for their amazing partnership and support of this home build.