‚ÄčBuilding Without Borders

Almost completed home.

Malang and Helan in front of their old home.

Malang (husband) and Helan (wife) use to live in the home pictured below. The new home is for them and their three boys, Malting - 30, Abrane - 22, and Aldrado - 20. While we met with Malang last October she asked that we pray for her vision problems. She looses her sight frequently and has struggled with this issue for some time. 

Grand Rapids

Evangelical Free Church 

The team that worked on the home. 

The start of the new home.

The team in front of the finished home.

Built March 2016


We want to thank Evangelical Free Church of Grand Rapids for their amazing partnership and support of this home build.  

Start of the new home. 

House 11 - (1 Kings)

Malang and Helan

The team working on the home.

Helen and Malang taking a rest by the construction site.