Building Without Borders

The old home.

The start of the new home.

Jadee's selfie with the girls of the family.

The completed house with the help of KTIS, World Servants, and Building Without Borders US and Dominican construction crew. 

  • Amanda Ryan
  • Barb Hanson
  • Jen Mahon
  • Paul Forgaciu
  • Davida Clark
  • Michele Hart
  • Sam Forgaciu
  • Dana Forgaciu

Built April 2015

Updated picture of the front of the home. We were able to visit with the family last time we were there and happy to report they are doing well, they are happy, and they are attending church!

The new home.

The girls of the family.

The family in front of the new home.

Ligia with the girls of the family.

Manuel and his three kids.

  • Doug and Nancy Hanson
  • Christi and Papasu Soni
  • Jon and Tammy Norlin
  • Matt and Dana Marsh
  • ​Sarah and Greg Gagliardi
  • Terry and Jerry Rosenquist
  • Dorothy Magajna 
  • Jadee and Nick Hanson
  • Ligia Forgaciu
  • Anastin, Ashlyn, Addie
  • ​Matt and Jamie Deboer
  • Rich and Barb Agostino
  • Jodie and John Kautt
  • ​Susan and Patrick Corcoran
  • Ron and Judy Hanson
  • Kara and Andy Sacchetti
  • ​Lidia and Dorin Constantine
  • ​Matt and Mindy Flaig


This house build was made possible through generous donations by the group listed below. Thank You!

Partnering with the KTIS and World Servants, Building Without Borders funded the new home for the family pictured here. ​ Manuel and Miguelina have four children and have been living in extreme conditions, as can be seen. They live with their three girls Caroline - 11, Carina - 10, and Kadinen -3 and one boy named Carlos - 15.

We are happy to report that the family moved into their new and safe home on Saturday April 25th!

House 1  - Genesis

Manueal and Miguelina